How to deal with Anxiety in Dogs

dog fear and anxiety


When your dog has anxiety issues, punishments or aversion techniques won’t help. When you punish your dog, it doesn’t get to the root of the problem. The problem is what is causing the anxiety in your pet. If you punish your dog, it will only cause the problem to become worse. There are some other methods to deal with anxiety issues that are more helpful and will get results.


One way is to let people know that your dog has an anxiety problem when you take him for a walk, or even when he’s in the yard. You can buy a bandana or a harness which says “No dogs” or “Nervous” on it. Or, you can place a yellow ribbon on the leash. This way other people will know not to interact with your dog.


You can also use a desensitization process. This process is when the dog is exposed to a weaker version of what upsets him. It has to be weak enough so that he can be calm and focus when you give him commands. If he listens to the commands and ignores the stimulus, then you reward him with a special treat. As he becomes more used to the stimulus, then you raise the amount of stimulus and reward him again. The purpose is to have your pet realize that when he doesn’t react to the stimuli, then he gets a reward. It will help break the cycle of anxiety until he no longer responds to that source.


Anxiety is an issue which can be a severe problem for your pet. But with patience, training and common sense, you can help him overcome it.


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