Best Anxiety Treatments And Chews For Older Dogs

Just like people, dogs can have chronic anxiety. Some pets may have had an anxiety-free life and then suddenly develop anxiety in their old age. There are some natural ways to assist your beloved pooch deal with anxiety, such as the best anxiety chews for dogs.

Need the best anxiety products for your senior pooch? Choose from these options.

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Anxiety In Older Dogs

Pain is often the cause for anxiety in older dogs, as well as the onset of dementia, deafness and blindness. These last three can make them disoriented. It is always advisable to address your concerns with your vet first.

Natural Supplements

There is an ever-increasing number of natural supplement options for treating anxiety in dogs (and humans). These can be calming without harmful side effects. It is important to speak to your vet before self-diagnosing and giving your geriatric furkid any supplements.

An example of supplements that can help include:

  • CBD oil: Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is distilled from cannabis. It does not have the THC compound (narcotic) of marijuana and has calming, anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Melatonin: This is a hormone that is created when dogs (and humans) sleep. It helps dogs stay calm and treats insomnia. The latter is a common senior dog issue.
  • Valerian root: This is a herbal calming supplement that promotes relaxation. Check with your vet before giving administering it as it cannot be combined with all medications.
  • Lavender: This helps promote sleep, calmness and can also alleviate pain and inflammation. In rare cases, a dog can be allergic to lavender pollen. Lavender is not for consumption as it is toxic. It is only used as drops on bedding and is breathed in indirectly.

Keeping Them Busy

A distraction is a great technique for helping anxious granddogs. Keep your senior canine occupied with the best anxiety chews for dogs or mental stimulation activities such as puzzle toys or eating mats, one-on-one time with you, obedience training, or brushing by you (not a dog salon). Mental stimulation fends off dementia.

Providing Exercise

Exercise is great for anxiety as it allows the brain to absorb more happy hormones. Senior dogs can’t go as far as youngsters, but they will still love the new smells, experiences, and calm friends. There are low-impact exercise options like swimming.


Try cuddling on the floor (on a blankie) or on the couch together for 15-minutes, minimum. Consider giving them a 15-minute massage (look up videos on YouTube) on their feet, ears, or head. Nighttime pacing might not be anxiety. It could be due to pain and discomfort, so check with your vet immediately.

Senior pets who are experiencing pain, confusion, or fear will get anxious. Try the above options and let us know in the comments below if the best anxiety chews for dogs or supplements worked best. Remember to always check with your vet first before administering supplements.

Checkout The Following Anxiety In Dogs Buyer Guides
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