Anxiety In Dogs - Best Products For Dogs With Anxiety

Anxiety in dogs can become a huge hurdle if not controlled early. There are several ways that a dog can show that it is nervous or fearful of a situation, place, object or person. If your four-legged friend is afraid of loud noises such as fireworks or thunder, it may suffer from anxiety.

Possibly your dog does not behave well when you leave him or her along. That could mean that your pet has separation anxiety. To be sure, take your dog to the vet to have a blood test to rule out the possibility of a disease or other illness. If your dog has been diagnosed as being anxious, you have a number of options available to you in helping treat the symptoms.

This is a look at the best products for dogs with anxiety.

Overview Of Our 10 Best Products For Dogs With Anxiety

1. ThunderShirt Dog Anxiety Jacket

The way in which this product works is that it applies gentle, constant pressure to the body of your dog. In a way, the ThunderShirt (affiliate link) is like a giant reassuring hug that produces a calming effect that reduces anxiety and nervousness in dogs. It has even been proven to be highly effective.

Safe for use with dogs of all breeds and ages, this product can be adjusted to a comfortable fit for your dog as well. It is one of the best products for dogs with anxiety. Success rates may vary but when your dog shows signs of anxiety, the ThunderShirt will calm him or her down.

What we like:

  • Vets agree that this is an effective calming tool
  • Works on treating fear of loud noises, separation anxiety and travel anxiety
  • Machine washable, easy to put on or remove
  • Requires no training

Best Products For Dogs With Anxiety - ThunderShirt Dog Anxiety Jacket

2. Adaptil Calm On The Go Collar

Aromatherapy is effective in humans and also in treating anxiety in dogs. This On The Go Collar (affiliate link) delivers an odorless “strong, comforting message” that calms down pets that whine, hide or are excessive barkers that react out of fear or nervousness. It is a unique solution to anxiety.

This product contains a synthetic chemical that mimics the hormone that is produced by a nursing mother dog which reduces the fear and anxiety in dogs that wear it. Other calming scents are available as well which makes this a great option in dealing with anxiety in dogs.

What we like:

  • Approved by vets
  • Activated by body heat
  • Provides up to 4 weeks of use
  • Machine washable
  • Can be used on any breed or age of dog

Best Products For Dogs With Anxiety - Adaptil Calm On The Go Collar

3. Taste Of Wild Grain Free Dog Food

Diet can have a positive impact on the mental health of your best friend and Taste of Wild (affiliate link) has specially formulated this food to treat issues of fear in dogs. The ingredients include antioxidant rich blueberries as well as chicory to assist with digestion in a chemical-free recipe.

Loaded with natural ingredients, without artificial colouring, flavors or preservatives, this product is great for your dog’s overall health and wellbeing. That makes it one of the best products for dogs with anxiety as good food can assist with your dog’s mental issues.

What we like:

  • Contains real meat, vegetables and fruit
  • High concentrations of nutrients
  • Tastes good and easy to digest

Best Products For Dogs With Anxiety - Taste Of Wild Grain Free Dog Food

4. Pet Gear Happy Trails Stroller

Sometimes you just have to give your pooch a break and push him or her around in a stroller. But this is not your ordinary everyday stroller. The Happy Trails Stroller (affiliate link) contains your pet in a safe place that is secure, comfortable and close to you wherever you travel with it.

If you enjoy long walks or jogging and your dog wants to go with you but has a fear of some kind, this product allows you to take your dog with you. Equipped with Air Ride tires, the Pet Gear stroller provides a smooth ride no matter what the terrain is you travel on together.

What we like:

  • Easy to load and unload for storage when not in use
  • Attaches to a bicycle for long rides
  • Flaps on front, rear and top
  • Has lots of room to carry groceries, a camera, water, etc.

Best Products For Dogs With Anxiety - Pet Gear Happy Trails Pet Stroller

5. Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy

The Snuggle Puppy (affiliate link) is an innovative tool that will help to calm down even the most fearful of dogs. That is because inside the product is a built-in ‘lifelike’ pulsing heartbeat. The Snuggle Puppy also produces heat with both works to mimic that of a mother dog.

When your best friend curls up with this product, he or she will quickly and instinctively relax and feel calmer. This makes it a great aid to assist with fear and loneliness that your dog may feel at times. This is one of the best products for dogs with anxiety.

What we like:

  • An all-natural method of dealing with anxiety
  • Machine washable
  • Heartbeat and warmth both produce a comforting calmness for any breed or age dog

Best Products For Dogs With Anxiety - Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy

6. Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser

As both humans and dogs respond positively to aromatherapy, this Calm Home Diffuser (affiliate link) can be an effective method in dealing with anxiety in dogs. It uses specific pheromones that instinctively cause nervous dogs to relax. This product has been clinically proven to work as is a drug-free option.

What we like:

  • Reduces fear and anxiety
  • Works just by plugging it into a wall outlet
  • Odorless except for dogs
  • Provides long-lasting relief for dogs

Best Products For Dogs With Anxiety - Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser

7. AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate

Crate training is an effective way to combat fear and anxiety in dogs. This Folding Metal Pet Crate (affiliate link) has a large swing open door that can be latched. Available in many different sizes so you can ensure that your dog has the right fit that provides room to stand and move around in.

By adding a blanket and toys, your dog will eventually see this crate as a safe place to go or to sleep whenever something causes him or her to feel anxious. Plus, this crate can be used to safely and securely transport your dog anywhere you need to travel.

What we like:

  • Foldable design
  • All metal construction
  • Durable with easy to clean pan bottom
  • Features a 1-year manufacturer guarantee

Best Products For Dogs With Anxiety - Folding Metal Dog Crate

8. URPOWER Car Seat Cover For Dogs

Keep your dog secure and comfortable when travelling with this Car Seat Cover (affiliate link). It is specifically designed to help relax dogs that are fearful of traveling in moving vehicles. The cover creates a safe bench area that is padded and is large enough for your dog to lay or curl up on.

Made of durable material that is scratch proof and skid proof, the quilted lining gives your pet a comfortable place to ride in your vehicle. The design permits you to fasten to seatbelts for a secure ride making this one of the best products for dogs with anxiety.

What we like:

  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Quick to install or remove with quick release clips
  • Protects car seats of all sizes
  • Keeps your pet from sliding around when vehicle is moving

Best Products For Dogs With Anxiety - URPOWER Car Seat Cover For Dogs

9. Automatic Pet Food & Water Dispenser

Let your dog eat and drink freely when you are home or away with this Automatic Pet Food and Water Dispenser (affiliate link). Allowing him or her access to food and water when you are away at work or running errands prevents your pet from becoming anxious about their meals.

Designed to keep both water and pet food fresh, the gravity feed system only releases so much of each at a time to keep your pet’s feeding station neat and tidy. Plus, you can see at a glance when either food or water requires a top up. This will keep your best friend happy all day long.

What we like:

  • Feeder holds 1-gallon of water and 6-pounds of dog food
  • Keeps your pet fed and hydrated when home alone
  • Comes with a one-year warranty

Best Products For Dogs With Anxiety - Automatic Pet Food Dispenser

10. Igloo Dog House

Give your dog a safe and comfortable all season outdoor home with this uniquely-designed Igloo Dog House (affiliate link). It is named ‘igloo’ as the design mimics one and will keep your pet happy and relaxed with a place to go to stay warm or to have as a safe place at any given time.

What we like:

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Ideal for all weather conditions
  • Quick and easy snap together design, no tools required

Best Products For Dogs With Anxiety - Igloo Dog House

Best Products For Dogs With Anxiety Conclusion

There are a lot of ways that you can help your dog overcome fear and nervousness without the need for medication. Using the bond that you have with your furry friend, you can introduce any one of these best products for dogs with anxiety and work together to deal with the circumstances that trigger that fear in your pet.

The above list of products are just a sample of what is available in the marketplace as aids in assisting dogs and dog owners to cope with pet anxiety. Be sure to seek a proper diagnosis first from your vet. Once anxiety is confirmed, you will know what you are dealing with and can look at alternative treatments to assist your dog to calm those fears and improve his or her quality of life.

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