Best Natural Remedies For Dog Anxiety

“Help! My dogs are freaking out and he won’t respond well to his cage, I need natural remedies for dog anxiety now!”

Have you said that more than a few times throughout your life as a pet owner? I have, too! Whether your dogs get separation anxiety like mine do, or they have fears which make them act out, it’s sad to see your dog have a nervous breakdown. If only there was something we could do to calm down our furry friends!

Thankfully, there is! But I’m not talking about dog crates or kennels this time. In fact, I’m going au naturale for this one. Today, I want to highlight some natural anxiety for dog remedies that may help your pooch feel calm from the inside out.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on the best natural remedies for dog anxiety, and I’ve found quite a few products that work wonders. I only invest in the highest-quality ingredients for my furry loved ones, and I know you care about that, too. So I decided to include my top 5 picks for natural anti-anxiety remedies for dogs on the market today.

Check out my top recommendations below. And stick around for the remainder of the guide where I’ll answer some of your questions about how home remedies for dog anxiety can give you the best results.

5 Best Natural Remedies for Dog Anxiety

Looking for the best natural remedies for dog anxiety? Don’t let your furry friends fret any longer! These solutions and at-home medicinal treatments can help soothe your dog’s mind, body and soul.

I gathered a list of my favorites that I think have the best effect on my own doggies and I think they’ll be really helpful for you, too!

Want Answers Fast? Here’s My Favorite Choice!

1. Dog Anxiety Relief Spray by Pet Relief

Why this is my favorite one

  • It contains ONLY natural materials and essential oils like lavender, with no added substances that could make your dog sick.
  • It’s effective and super easy to use. All you need to do is spray it on your hand and rub it on your dog, or spray it directly on their fur!
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty. So if your dog doesn’t like it, you can return it and find something else on my list that might work better!

Best Natural Remedies For Dog Anxiety - Dog Anxiety Relief Spray by Pet Relief

This dog anxiety relief pet spray is a good choice for all of you lovers of organic products. This spray has nothing but essential oils that are proven to have calming effects on your dog’s body and mind.

I honestly wish I found this sooner while one of my big ones was still a puppy. He was so afraid of thunder and rain that he would whine and run in circles around the house! Ever since I found this spray, though, I just put some on my hands and rub it into his fur. Now, whenever there’s a storm, he sleeps like a baby!

It comes in a 30ml spray bottle and you only need a tiny spritz to do the trick. I want to caution you to start small, as a full dose may be too overwhelming for your furry loved one, even a big dog.

Here are some other benefits I really like about this dog anxiety product.


  • It is comprised of therapeutical oils that have been rated as botanical-grade essential oils, built exclusively for health and well-being. When applied to animals, it works to create a calming effect using natural elements of the body.
  • It works great on young and old dogs, so it’s never too late to teach an old dog this very handy new trick!
  • There’s a lifetime warranty and guarantee. So if you don’t end up liking this pet-friendly product, you can return it and try another one of my favorite home remedies for dog anxiety.


  • It is not guaranteed to work for every dog, as the results may vary.

Overall, it is a 100% natural product that only uses essential oils extracted from plants and other natural ingredients. It is very safe to use, and it won’t cause an allergic reaction in your pet. It’s a good idea to start with a remedy like this as it won’t be too overbearing for your sweet doggie. Nor will it provide all those ingredients that might make them sick.

2. NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid Soft Chews

Perhaps your pooch responds well to treats - I know mine do! If they love getting a little bit of extra encouragement for good behavior, they might respond well to this natural anxiety treatment for dogs, which comes in the form of a calming chew or best calm treats for dogs.

The biggest thing to note about this product is that it contains melatonin, which is the hormone that regulates sleeping. Adding a healthy dose of melatonin to these natural chews can really give your doggie the boost of calm he needs.

Plus, it can directly help the nervous system. Dog anxiety shows itself in the form of stress and tension, which can’t be good for the poor thing’s nerves. These chews directly support the relaxing of the nervous system. Not to mention the treats are delicious (or so my dogs tell me!).

Best Natural Remedies For Dog Anxiety - NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid Soft Chews


  • It contains all-natural ingredients like ginger, chamomile, thiamine, passionflower and melatonin. Not only does it not contain any chemicals, but it is also made to be sensitive to dogs who may have tummy issues with harsher ingredients.
  • These chews are loved by dogs and vets alike, as they have been approved by veterinarians to be safe for treating anxiety in dogs.
  • The best way to give your dog the full effect of these treats is to give them one of these chews about 30 minutes before the stressful event will take place. That is, about 30 minutes before you leave or go to bed!


  • Dogs should not have more than 1 chew per day. If your dog still experiences anxiety after having one of these, it’s important to seek alternative home remedies for dog anxiety.

Best calming treats for puppies & dogs are one of the best options for natural anxiety treatment for dogs since they already know everything about treats! Dogs love treats, so what better way to help calm your furry friend than by giving them something they love? They don’t know it will help them feel calmer, but they do know that they are about to be very happy pooches indeed.

3. Zesty Paws Calming Bites For Dogs

I couldn’t resist adding another calming chew to this list of best anxiety treats for dogs. They are proven to be so effective, and I can attest for that since my own pooches love these treats just like their regular ones. It works wonders for dogs who are afraid of separation or even thunderstorms since the chews release natural relaxants that make them feel totally at home.

I particularly chose this as one of the better natural anti-anxiety remedies for dogs because of the ingredients. Things like passionflower, ginger root and L-Tryptophan are effective against the brain, helping to get rid of anxiety before it even starts.

They also come with suntheanine, which can make your dogs relaxed without making them drowsy.

Which is a huge plus in my book. They can be used as needed, but I wouldn’t recommend using them more than once per day on your friendly pup.

Best Natural Remedies For Dog Anxiety - Zesty Paws Calming Bites for Dogs


  • The results of the chew happen almost instantly. Your poor pooch will be feeling calm and docile for a really long time, making it so much easier for you to leave the house for a few hours without feeling terrible!
  • It is recommended for dogs of all sizes and breeds and the regular dose of 1 per day should be enough for all dogs.
  • It is made of 100% natural ingredients and doesn’t have any additives so you don’t have to worry about an allergic reaction in your pets.


  • Some dogs may not prefer the taste of these bites, which is why I like to include more than one chew product per list!

Some dogs may be overly sensitive to a lot of natural ingredients. If this is the case, you may want to start your dog off on a half-dose before investing in the whole bite. That way, you can start monitoring effects and looking for the signs that it is working.

4. Nutrition Strength Dog Anxiety Relief Supplement

While these may not exactly look like “treats”, these are chewable tablets and healthy home remedies for dog anxiety all the same. I particularly use this one when my dogs are feeling extra anxious. Perhaps when there’s a large thunderstorm or if I have to be away at night for several hours.

My fidos tend to get quite restless and then they will chew their way through anything. In order to save my dogs’ teeth (and my furniture they love to destroy), I give them one of these anti-anxiety supplements. They generally find relief within a few minutes!

This supplement is made with a natural formula that can decrease your dog’s symptoms of anxiety such as scratching, barking, whining and biting at things. I did some research to make sure that these supplements were manufactured using only the best and most natural ingredients, and found myself impressed with the results.

This nutrition-strength supplement might be a good natural remedy for your dog’s anxiety if your furry friend is on the extreme side of things!

Best Natural Remedies For Dog Anxiety - Nutrition Strength Dog Anxiety Relief Supplement


  • It is an ideal product for dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds and temperaments. It’s also approved for dogs with pretty much any kind of medical condition or status.
  • Supplements can be used daily or regularly to see amazing results.
  • Green, carbon-neutral technology is used to manufacture these products. So not only are there no additives in the ingredients, but the product itself has no contaminants either.
  • It is made to combat separation and loud noise anxiety in dogs, making it a solid choice when they start showing those signs of high stress again.


  • Some dogs may not react or show the signs of calming from this supplement, in which case another product may be needed.

If for some reason these healthy supplements don’t work to calm your dog’s nerves, there is a pretty lenient return policy that allows you to exchange them for something else. Keep an eye on how your dog reacts to the supplements and you’ll be able to see how calm they become!

5. Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser

Do you own a diffuser at home? If so, you may find that it’s effective to use a specific calming oil that will keep your dog’s anxiety symptoms at bay while also helping to keep them calm for longer periods of time.

This is especially helpful if you plan on being gone for most of the day, and you don’t want the calming effects to wear off on your dog within an hour or two. Instead, this diffuser can release a steady stream of calming oils and pheromones that will send signals of stress relief and calm so your doggie can have a nice relaxing day at home.

Each refill vial can last about a month and it only needs to be used when you know your dog is going to get anxious due to separation or a loud noise.

When my dogs sense that I’m going to be leaving for the day, I turn on the diffuser, add a few drops of this oil, and give my pooches a nice calm environment for the day.

Best Natural Remedies For Dog Anxiety - Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser


  • The diffuser is completely odorless to us, so it won’t smell like anything in particular. Yet your dog will be able to sense the pheromones coming out of it.
  • It has gone through clinical trials to prove its effectiveness with dogs who suffer from high amounts of anxiety.
  • There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee and if your dog doesn’t seem to be too calmed by it, you can always exchange it for another solution.


  • This product is just a refill, so you will need to invest in a diffuser in order to use it.

How do Natural Oils Help Soothe Fearful Dogs?

If your poor little loved one is having a rough time being separated from you, or finds the need to hide and cry during a rainstorm. You naturally want to do everything you can to get them to feel safe and calm again.

While there are tons of different solutions, including kennels, blankets and jackets, for most dogs the best solutions are all-natural. Using products that contain essential oils and other natural diffusing elements can activate parts of your dog’s brain that inhibit anxiety and allow for calmness.

But how exactly do these essential oils work? Why is it a safe product to use? And how does it help keep your dog calm?

One result studied by Healthline shows that some essential oils, like lavender, release a potent scent that not only smells good, but it sends a message to the brain that naturally calms down the nervous system. Essential oils produce chemical effects on the brain which are scientifically shown to reduce stress. And it turns out, it works the same exact way in dogs.

Your puppies can benefit from all of the natural advantages that aromatherapy can offer you. So you’ll both be able to feel calm and happy, even during the darkest and loudest thunderstorms!

Things To Note About Natural Remedies For Dog Anxiety

There are many different natural remedies, oils and formulas that work as great chewable supplements or sprays to reduce anxiety in your furry family member. But, it’s very important to know that not every essential oil is the same, and some can even be toxic!

So before blending up some natural ingredients yourself, follow our guide on the biggest things to look for before investing in your next natural dog remedy purchase.


Oils and natural chemicals come from plants, meaning that most people assume they’re all safe. But because a dog’s anatomy is slightly different than ours, we need to make sure the products we get for our pets are nothing but healthy and calming.

You need a product that has been guaranteed tested with dogs and also approved by a national veterinary organization. Essential oils should never be used for cats, reptiles, or pets other than dogs.


You should never ever settle for the cheapest product on the market that claims to be natural or organic. Make sure you do your research to pick reliable brands at competitive prices, because that proves that their ingredients are high-quality.

You wouldn’t put a product in your body that has the potential to be poison, so why would you give it to your dog? If it’s cheap, it’s probably been tampered with or had extra ingredients added!

Ingestion Directions

If the product contains an essential oil, it should not be ingested. Instead, it should be used as an external spray or as part of a diffuser, just like I listed in my products guide above. Chewables and calming treats should not have any essential oils in them, but rather natural ingredients derived from plants.

Brand Reliability

Again, make sure that the brand is reputable and highly rated by vet-based organizations and authorities on dog health. You should follow the standards for pet health rather than human health, since some ingredients can provide very different reactions for your fluffy friends.

My Favorite Brands For Home Remedies For Dog Anxiety

I want to take a moment to discuss some of the brands I like, since you may be a bit confused on who to trust. Aside from the products I listed here, I want you to be able to be confident in your healthy choices with the calmness and well-being of your puppy in mind.

Here are some of the brands I would recommend you start looking at so you can get rid of your dog’s anxiety ASAP!


As a company focused specifically on finding natural and scientific remedies for dogs, Adaptil is one of the best brands to start with. All of their products are natural solutions that release calming scents or apply calming pheromones to your dog. Which helps send messages of comfort and relaxation to their brains.

Adaptil’s products are used worldwide, have been approved by vets, and are even seen in TV commercials.

Pet Relief

This company believes that the best solution to a happy and healthy pet is the use of 100% natural products, and honestly, I agree. Pet Relief offers things like sprays, chews and even allergy relief products to relieve your dog of any discomfort he may be dealing with. Just a few drops of their products can make a big difference in your pet’s anxiety levels.


Specializing in health supplements for pets, NaturVet offers a wide range of products for dogs and cats alike. They are a good company to look into if you have more questions about healthy supplements and sprays that can calm allergies, anxiety, major fear, and more.

They are most known for their products containing healthy ingredients like omega-3s and amino acids, which help break down toxins in your dog’s system and relieve the nerves.

Nutrition Strength

You can find good supplements and general health information for your dogs with the products provided by Nutrition Strength. They have a wide range of 100% natural and organic supplements to help with major things like anxiety and aging. And even outdoor health if your Fido is the more adventurous type. Plus, you can even find some medical recommendations through this brand.

Zesty Paws

This company offers products made from high-quality ingredients and professionally-tested formulas for a range of safe chews and supplements for your pet. Zesty Paws puts a fun twist on health-related matters by offering delicious treats and other stress-free ways to give your dog a dose of calm without interrupting his daily habits.

Only Natural Pet

If you want to expand on your dog’s anxiety-relieving options and go beyond just supplements and sprays, you can invest in certain natural pet foods as well. That’s where I would recommend Only Natural Pet, a company that provides all-natural ingredients for dogs and cats.

Their food products are always made with a cool blend of healthy ingredients that looks so good I would almost be tempted to eat it myself!

Natural Anxiety Treatment For Dogs FAQs

Many pet owners have questions about which natural products are safe, and whether or not something is actually organic. I’m here to answer some of your questions and give you more clarification on what to do and not to do when treating your dog’s anxiety with natural solutions.

1. Which essential oils are good for dogs, and which ones aren’t?

When treating a dog’s anxiety, Dogs Naturally Magazine suggests the following essential oils and carrier bases as friendly and healthy options for your pooch:

  • Neroli
  • Lavender
  • Petitgrain
  • Jojoba
  • Aloe Vera
  • Lavender Hydrosol

Remember that these products should not be given to your dog to ingest. Instead, these are to be made into sprays or topical ointments that can release the scents and activate the fear inhibitors in the brain. If any oils cause irritation, redness, or any other symptoms in your dog, stop using them right away and seek out veterinary care.

2. What symptoms of dog anxiety will be reduced with these natural remedies?

There are many different symptoms of fear and anxiety that can show up in your dog. And it’s important to recognize them so you know whether the products you’ve chosen are working or not. Your natural remedies for dog anxiety should work to relieve symptoms that can include biting, running, chewing, whining or barking.

Every dog reacts differently to fear, but there are common signs that your poor little loved one has a bad case of dog anxiety. A lot of pet owners will report dogs chewing through crates, fences, doors, or any kind of barrier that they think separates them from their owner. In other cases, a dog will even try to harm himself.

That’s why it is so important to get a working product right away!

3. Are there any at-home natural remedies for separation anxiety in dogs?

If you can’t get your hands on a product right away, or you just want to try some medicine-free and hands-on care first, there are a few things you can try.

PetMD argues that things like lots of exercise and plenty of mental stimulation before you leave can really help your dog get a sense of relief. This is an especially good thing to practice before you have to leave. So your dog can be surrounded by playtime that tires them out before they even notice you’re gone.

4. What about herbs and homeopathics? Can they help reduce dog anxiety?

Yes! You can use herbs like chamomile, hemp, and even small doses of catnip to calm anxiety in your dog. In fact, herbs like hops and valerian are actually natural sedatives that can send messages to your brain to get it to calm down.

Natural anti-anxiety remedies like this are great to start out with before you invest in pricey products. So you can start to understand what ingredients your canine will or won’t respond to.

5. What are some abnormal signs of stress and anxiety in dogs?

Every dog experiences a bit of fright, as the big wide world is scary and hard to understand when you are just a loving little animal. But oftentimes, the closeness of their master and being surrounded by a safe environment can help them be the happiest pooches in the world. But what happens when they show signs of high anxiety that you just can’t wrap your head around?

There are some types of dog anxiety where your dog can seem calm one minute, and a nervous wreck the next. Other signs of major distress include yawning, lip licking and sniffing the air constantly. If they shake their bodies like they’re wet, it could also be a sign that they are dealing with major anxiety.

Most of these symptoms are indicative of “fear anxiety”. Meaning your dog is afraid of separation, rather than an actual phobia that serves as an irrational response to something.

Reduce Your Dog’s Stress The Natural Way

In this guide, you’ve seen some of my favorite picks for products that can relieve your dog’s stress naturally. It’s important that you find home remedies for dog anxiety so you don’t have to fill your furry friend with chemicals or other scientific ingredients that they may not respond well to.

I find that combining some of the products and remedies suggested throughout this guide is the best way to maintain a calm and safe environment for Fido.

If you have any other natural remedies for dog anxiety to recommend that aren’t on my list, let me know. And let me know if any of the above products worked for your fluffy friends!

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