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how to help a dog with separation anxiety


Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting  Anxiety in Dogs.

My name is Anne. I’m a married mother of 3 and a dog owner. I started this website as a personal journey to help our dog Oscar. He is a very much loved member of our family.

Oscar has always been a little anxious, but after being left with family friends for a month recently, his anxiety levels have increased. Oscar has a very strong bond with my husband, Dave. When he is put outside, he will sit by the door and whine. When Dave goes to work Oscar gets agitated.

I’m not a dog expert, and before I created this website, I knew practically nothing about anxiety in dogs. I’ve been doing some research and will be posting articles regularly about what I’ve found.  I hope that you find the information supportive and helpful.

I would love to hear your stories and hope you will share your experiences. You can do so by using our contact us form.